Is Air Conditioning Bad For Plants?

Air conditioners and houseplants are incompatible couples that cannot stay together under a single roof. All this started when a huge fight broke out between the two. Given the ACs tendency to suck in the heat and humidity didn’t go well with the houseplants for they thrive in heat and humidity. And ever since, they have been at each other’s throats. There are some AC plants that perform well in air-conditioned rooms such as snake plants, tillandsia, pothos and peace lilies. Here are some tips for turning your air-conditioned space into a comfortable haven for your houseplants.

Is Air Conditioning Bad for Plants

Keep your Plants Away from Air Vents

Something that is preventing you from heat exhaustion can be causing extreme damage to your houseplants. Cold temperature results in freezing the cells of the plants which further causes hindrance when receiving water and nutrients. The cold air can basically leave them devoid of moisture. Hence, it is advised to put your plants in a room away from the air conditioner.

Give Extra Attention to Sensitive Plants

Most of the plants are vulnerable to lower humidity levels. If you see the buds or leaves withering, it’s a sign that your plants are not receiving an adequate amount of humidity. A timely, little spraying would prevent them from dying. To avoid spots on your plants, spray them after you have turned off the AC.

Protect Small Plants with Glass

The miniatures can’t tolerate many temperature changes, cold air and low humidity. Add an extra layer of protection over them with the help of a glass. Basically, create glass domes or terrariums that have thick layers and provide more protection during sudden temperature changes.

Take your Plant’s Unique Needs into Consideration

Each plant is different and so are its survival properties. Take care of your plants’ temperature and humidity needs when in the air conditioner. After all, it’s not any survival of the fittest competition but just being mindful of a few things to take care of your green babies.

Pro tip: If you haven’t got much of a green thumb, consider getting air purifying plants with broader and wider leaves for they can survive the dry air better and also extreme changes in temperature.