Top DIY Ideas for Birthdays

Birthdays are a grand affair universally. Every country in the world has its own traditions and festivals but when it comes to birthdays they all speak the same language. From cakes to decorations to gifts, everyone hopes to have all the boxes ticked for their special day. Gifts are one of the most cherished traditions of a birthday celebration.

What seems like an even better option is if one can give their loved ones a gift that is hand-made. Let us take a look at some of the birthday ideas that you can do yourself to make the special days of your loved ones extra fulfilling:

  • Photo Frame-
  • Now what can be a better gift than a framed picture of the times you have spent together in the past? You can make collages and print photos which are eventually placed in beautiful frames and ready to be gifted. Photo printing online services are also available to make your job easier and faster. You can also opt for making a photo album. It has a personal touch and will be cherished forever.

  • Cakes-
  • Birthdays and cakes always go hand in hand. And what can be a better gift for your dear one than a home-made birthday cake made with love? You can go for their favourite flavours and decorate it as per your wish.

  • Something for Your Foodie Friend-
  • If you are looking to give something to that eternally hungry and foodie friend of yours, then what better to give them on their birthday than a dish that they love to hog on the most? No one knows your dear ones better than you and if you can spin that magic wand in the kitchen then there cannot be a better gift indeed.

  • Knitted or Embroidered Garments-
  • Now this may need some special skills but if you are good at art and needle work then this should be the perfect DIY idea for you. You can knit your loved ones a warm and cosy sweater or scarf. If knitting seems like a tougher choice, then a simple hand embroidered handkerchief also makes for a great gift for a birthday.

  • Hand-made Cards or Artworks-
  • If there is an artist hidden in you then making a personalised gift will be an easier job. Go for a beautiful painting or an elegant sketch for a gift. If you want something simpler, go for a traditional hand-made card. You can also get creative and make bouquets out of flowers or chocolates which would make for a fabulous birthday gift!