Ways To Detox The Air In Your House With Houseplants

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one of the major public health risks is indoor air quality. The depletion of indoor air quality is often due to the products we use for regular household chores, such as floor cleaners, air fresheners, and other chemical substances. These chemicals gradually affect the air quality and pose a risk to our health. One way of lowering the health risk is by using organic products instead of chemicals.

Ways to Detox the Air in your House with Houseplants

Some indoor plants are also known for their detoxifying qualities. Indoor plants are easy to maintain, and they are not just eye-pleasing but also beneficial for health. So here is a list of indoor plants that you can keep in your house to detoxify the air-

Areca Palm: This indoor plant has become popular because of its aesthetic appearance. However, Areca Palm is also very useful for detoxifying the indoor air. It produces ample oxygen in the daytime and helps remove airborne toxins. In addition, Areca palm is great for winters as it works as a natural humidifier.

Snake Plant: Sansevieria, commonly known as Snake Plant, is an indoor plant that produces oxygen in the evening. It is a great companion for Areca Palm, and it also filters toxins. Snake plant is suitable for those who lack the resources to give extra care to plants as these plants can grow in various environmental conditions.

Money Plant: A very easily available plant, Money Plant filters toxins and purifies the air. It is a fast-growing plant and is often associated with good luck and wealth. Money plant grows even in gloomy conditions and with less watering. However, it is toxic to cats, dogs, and children.

Aloe Vera Plant: Aloe vera has several health benefits, including air purification. It absorbs pollutants and chemicals and provides a fair warning by turning brown around the edges if the toxin levels increase.

Spider Plant: Another air purifying plant, Spider Plant is also known for removing toxins from the air. It can be easily propagated with its tiny “spiders” being planted into new pots. It is also safe for children and pets.

Red-Edged Dracaena: This beautiful plant brings with it a little pop of red coloured edges. It helps remove chemical toxins that may be carried in with your dry cleaned clothes. However, they require a fair amount of sunlight and regular watering.