Wedding Flowers By Season

Flowers play a significant role in wedding parties as without vibrant flower decoration the venue would look pale and gloomy. Colorful flowers provide positivity, smile, and strength and create a feel-good environment at the wedding hall. They spread sweet smell and evoke a pleasant atmosphere at the wedding venue. If you are looking for some excellent collection of vibrant wedding flowers then you are just at the right place as here you will get detailed information about different wedding flowers.

Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily:

This plant belongs from the family Alstroemeriaceae. This flowering plant is found in South America, Mexico, United States, New Zealand, and Madeira, Australia and in Canary Island. These flowers grow in clusters and have small dazzling blooms along with freckled petals. These flowers are best used to decorate the backdrop but made adorable pocket-friendly bouquets. These wonderful flowers come in pink, lavender, yellow, white, orange and purple in colour. The subtle patterns of these flowers are noteworthy.


This very plant belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae. These spectacular flowers are commonly found in rocky Southeast area and in the Western Cape region of South Africa. This impressive flower has two to five huge trumpet-shaped blossoms that bloom in succession at the top of its extra-long stalk. Amaryllis is originated in the tropical rainforest of South America and Africa. These striking flowers come in pale green, white, pink, pale yellow, red and salmon in colour. The literary meaning of the word 'Amaryllis' is pride or splendid beauty.


This flower belongs from the family Ranunculaceae is a genus of near about 200 species. According to the Greek mythology, there is a saying that these flowers were sprung up from the blood of Adonis, Aphrodite's lover. Thus another name of this unscented flower is Windflower. This very flower comes in purple, pink, burgundy, magenta and white in colour. These plants bloom between November and May. The literary meaning of this flower is 'expectation'. Bring this amazing flower and spectacularly furnish your wedding hall.


This very flower belongs to the family Rubiaceae and consists of near about 50 species of shrubs and evergreen herbs. These plants are commonly found in Central America and in Mexico. These star-shaped flowers have small clusters and are apt for classical wedding decoration. Bouvardia comes in peach, pink, red and white in colour. The literary meaning of the word 'Bouvardia'is enthusiasm. Bring these refreshing flowers and make your wedding venue more gracious.

Calla Lily:

Calla Lily is from the family Araceae. This plant is also known as Arum Lily and is originated in Africa. These trumpet-shaped blossoms stand for magnificent beauty. This very flower blooms in the winter season and continues to late spring. Its strong and sturdy stem allows one to add height for making tall wedding centerpieces. The literary meaning of the word Calla Lily is 'magnificent beauty'. Bring these flowers to enhance the charm of the wedding party.


This very plant is from the family Theaceae. These spectacular flowers are found in abundance in eastern Himalaya, Southern Asia, and Indonesia and in Japan. This elegant flower symbolizes beauty and loveliness. Late winter to early spring is the peak time to bloom. Camellia smells sweet and comes in cream, pink, white and red in color. Bring this flower and add glamour to your wedding party.