What is the Meaning of Gratitude & How to Practise it?

We hear the term ‘gratitude’ quite often these days, but do we know how to practise it truthfully? Let us see what gratitude means and how we can improve our lifestyle by practising it.

meaning of gratitude

What is Gratitude?

To practise gratitude, we must understand what it means. Gratitude is a positive feeling that enables us to appreciate the little things in life. It’s saying “thank you” to the higher power for the smallest things. In our day-to-day life, we sometimes are not able to appreciate the things we have. We take them for granted and continue with our day. Gratitude helps us to take a moment and appreciate those things. It helps us be grounded and content in what we have.

How to Practise It?

To practice gratitude, we must be aware of the basic things that we are blessed with, such as food, shelter, water, a comfortable life, etc. You can also express gratitude for the things you have been working towards, for example, a job promotion or a degree. Knowing the things we should be grateful for helps practising gratitude. Let us look into some easy ways of incorporating gratitude in our daily life-

  • Each day, take out some time and think of 3 things that you’re grateful for. It can be anything, a bright morning, a perfectly cooked meal, a clean house, etc.
  • Practice saying “thank you” for the small things, like before eating thank the universe for giving you this meal.
  • Pause and notice the things around you and write them down in a journal. Every day if you write a few things that you’re grateful for, then it will start positively reflecting in your mental health.

Final Takeaway

Take a pause and genuinely savour the feeling of gratitude as and when it comes. We are all blessed with many things, let us focus on those and strive for a better lifestyle. Gratitude can significantly help you to focus on the good and maintain a healthy mindset.