What to Gift a Man?

People often complain that gifting a lady is easy, considering the wide range of options available, but when comes to a man, the options are strictly limited between wallets, sunglasses, watches and clothes. Well that is not the case and when sufficient thoughtfulness is employed, you will come to realize that there are just as many gifting options for men as there are for women.

Here are Some Ideas That may Come in Handy-

Guys and Gadgets

It is generally very rare for a guy to turn a cold shoulder to gadgets. No matter their age, taste or preferences, guys have an uncanny sense of excitement when it comes to gadget. While selecting the gadget, remember to check for usability. Your guy will always appreciate a gift that doesn't simply decorate his room shelf. For example if your guy is a graphic illustrator, gift him a decent digital pen tablet. If he loves vacationing, gift him a smart bag for a traveler and if he is a fitness freak, gift him a calorie counter or something similar!

Consult the Zodiac

To some, zodiac signs are over-rated and are nothing but an over-exaggeration. However they do help in drawing a rough outline of an individual's personality. Gifting your loved one keeping in mind their zodiac sign is yet another quick fix when it comes to gifting a man. The high-spirited and adventurous Aries could really use a ticket to sports events or rock concerts while other choices include kitchen appliances for the homely Taurus. There may be an assortment of various small day to day utility products or books for the flaky yet intellectual Gemini and interior decor for the nurturer Cancer.

There could be a karaoke machine or a stunning t-shirt for the attention seeking Leo, any kind of organizer for the subtle and practical Virgo and a subscription to a magazine, designer outfit or a bottle of fine red wine for the social butterfly Libra. There could be a deck of Tarot cards, a classy knife set or adult toys for the kinky scorpions along adventure sport lessons like scuba diving, skydiving or horseback riding for the intuitive Sagittarians.

You may pick comfortable and seasonal clothing for the hardworking Capricorn, a trendy gadget or a book on transcendental meditation for the progressive Aquarian and finally, a kitten, puppy or gold fish for the sentimental Piscean.

Gift for the situation

Another good way is to gift what he needs at the moment. This rule probably works irrespective of the gender. For example if he is about to move into a new place, then gift him interior decor or furniture or homely appliances. If he is about to leave for a long vacation or a business trip, gift him travel accessories. If he has important exams or interviews coming up, then gift him related books or an assortment of pens, and so on. If he is about to be hosting a party then gift him board games, smart cookers or drinking accessories.

Go sentimental

Beneath all the rough and tough, guys are basically marshmallows. It's not always about the practicality of the gift or the money spent. A thoughtful poem, a handmade wristband, a meaningful painting or a hand-knit sweater is also well appreciated by most men.

Just cash

Lastly, this gift is something that typically only a guy will accept. You gift cash to a girl and will probably be dead to her for an entire decade. However, a guy will never turn down cash; in fact, he will appreciate his flexibility of choice over your gift.