5 Plants That Grow Well in Terrariums

Terrariums are the mini plant ecosystems flourishing in a glass jar. Think of them as a mini greenhouse! They bring a lush forest to your home without taking much of your space. Besides, they might be small but offer a splash of green and a breath of fresh air the same way as potted plants. Let’s take a look at the plants in the terrarium that will make a delightful addition to any space.

Plants That Grow Well in Terrariums

Air Plants

Commonly known as Tillandsia, Air Plants do not even need soil to grow. These take in all the required nutrients, minerals and sunlight they need via their leaves. These plants have the ability to attach themselves to any host and thrive. Therefore, they make a great terrarium choice. Make sure to use a terrarium with holes to promote uninterrupted airflow for air plants’ leaves to absorb water and other essential nutrients from the air. Water twice a week!

Friendship Plants

Among many amazing plants that look great and thrive in terrariums, Friendship plants are the most popular choice. With the hues of two-tone green and purplish-red leaves, Friendship plants stand out as terrarium plants. Also, since they prefer moist soil and can survive in partial sunlight too, they make a good choice for terrariums.

Ghost Plant or Mother of Pearl

The grey-blue or grey-pinkish leaves of this succulent add green hues to the terrariums. It is a low-maintenance hardy plant that makes a perfect choice for a not fully enclosed terrarium. Keep it at the corner that receives bright sunshine to help it grow at its best. It also changes its colour depending on the sunlight it receives.

Strawberry Begonia

It’s not that this plant will grow mini strawberries while in the terrariums. These blooms make the perfect plants in terrariums. The red vertical stalks and flowers with green leaves add the perfect dash of splash to your abode with its several pops of colour. Though the plant grows quickly, it fits into most terrariums.

Button Fern

Button ferns are pretty appealing, delicate and elegant at the same time. These tiny, leathery and circular-shaped leaves will soften up your area and give it a touch of class. Full shade to filtered light - they can grow well in either.

The aforementioned are some of the best terrarium plants. Also, all of them and many more terrariums can be purchased online.