Best Cakes To Make Your Kids Birthday Special

Kids transform the world of parents. With their arrival, parents become more responsible individuals. All that matters to the parents now is the lively and cheerful smile of their children. For keeping this smile intact, parents are always willing to go that extra mile. Thus, kids help in making their parents less self- centered and more loving. In a nutshell, the day a child is born, is the day that parents are born too.


Children are the nucleus of every family and that’s why their birthdays are so special. And Parents celebrate this day with the best of their abilities so that their kids can have a memorable time. People are heartily invited so that they bless the children with growth and success. It’s not just the parents who look forward to a fancy birthday celebration. It’s also the kids. A joyous birthday party helps the kids enlarge their circle of friends, boost their self-esteem and gives them memories to cherish for a lifetime. These cute and innocent birthday pictures also become #majorthrowback on social media platforms later.

Now, when it comes to a birthday celebration, the highlight is definitely the cake. Kids get attracted to fancy, colorful, and glittery things easily and that should always be considered while selecting the birthday cake designs for kids. A kid’s birthday party means a congregation of children from school and the neighborhood and a stunning cake design would help make a h2 statement to all of them. More than the cake flavor, kids are more interested in an amazing cake design.

A Kid’s world is inspired by cartoons, superheroes, and fairytale characters. The easiest and simplest way to make any kids birthday party truly special is to make a cake made in the design of their favorite fictional character.

Here are some of our best-selling birthday special cake for kids:

Creamy Spiderman Treat Cake:


Spiderman is always engaged in doing something good for others. He is benevolent and never thinks twice before punishing the culprits to save people. Kids love the fact that in spite of being a troubled man himself, Spiderman rises above all his problems. His valor is celebrated among all kids. Thus, a birthday cake with a Spiderman theme would be a sure shot hit for a kid’s birthday party celebrations.

Rosy Barbie Cake:


Barbie is more than just a doll to kids. She is the epitome of perfection actually. Barbie is a sports star, movie star, dancer, singer, and many other traits as well. The beautifully crafted dresses of Barbie make them quite popular among kids. A birthday cake that looks exactly like a replica of Barbie would be fondly remembered by the little angels for years to come.

Adorable Mickey Mouse Cake:


Mickey Mouse is the mascot of Walt Disney that represents happiness, fun, dreams, and ability to bring families together. Mickey – the mouse also represents good things and he is someone who fights to stop evil too. The charisma, curiosity and optimism of Mickey makes him an adorable friend to all. A kid’s birthday cake with a Mickey Mouse design would ensure they have enough memorable moments to cherish forever.

Superman Chocolate Photo Cake:


Superman is another favorite superhero among kids who is quite fast in taking decisions. His strength and courage are lauded worldwide. He represents a sharp mind and intellect to kids. Kids would be enthralled if a Superman cake is gifted to them on their birthdays.

Classic Tom & Jerry Cake:


Tom and Jerry are incomplete without each other. Their friendship is based on the continuous pranks that they play on each other. They represent the beauty of friendship in a unique way. Kids love them because they help them learn new pranks to play on their friends or siblings – that’s something they love doing at that tender age. There are many more kid’s birthday cake ideas woven around cartoon, superhero and fairytale characters to woo the minds of kids. The aim is to provide kids with something special that will bring a smile on their face, when they go through their photo album 10 years down the line.