About Daughter’s Day

When a daughter is born, she fills the house with joy and bliss. She gives new meaning and purpose to the parents’ life. A daughter is a blessing in disguise, for she will always stand up for and support her parents. Unfortunately, many families and societies do not see a girl child as good luck or a boon. To give recognition to the girl child and build awareness against the gender inequality faced by them, September 24 is celebrated as International Daughter’s Day. This day holds great significance as it stands as a voice against discrimination faced by female children and young women in various parts of the world. No matter how advanced and developed a country may be, the disparity based on sex is still prevalent. To tackle this problem with a lasting solution, Daughter’s Day came to be.


India was the first country to observe a day solely for daughters. They started it to end the gender partiality and stigma associated with giving birth to a female child. While this issue remains rampant in some parts of the country, with the help of numerous government policies, they have reduced this favouritism. India commemorates World Daughter’s Day on 24th September to increase awareness to reduce gender bias. After India, several countries have implemented it and seen a high success rate.

Why Daughter’s Day is celebrated?

This day’s primary motive is to generate awareness amongst people that a daughter is not inferior to a male child and has equal rights as a man. A daughter is nothing close to a burden and should be treated with love and respect. However, this day can be interpreted by people differently. A daughter can see this day as a day to recognise her efforts and achievements, while some families see this day as a chance to spend quality time with their daughters. Parents may observe it as a day to acknowledge and pamper their daughters with gifts and love.

So no matter how and why you celebrate World Daughter’s Day, ensure your daughter and the daughters around you feel safe, loved, respected and supported.