How is Daughters Day Celebrated?

The initiative to dedicate a day only for daughters began in India. However, after the United Nations appointed September 24 as Daughter’s Day, various countries have implemented it. While Singapore does not have any special schemes or events solely dedicated to daughters, you can always introduce new activities to celebrate this day. Here is the list of some interesting ways to celebrate the day, no matter how old your daughter is.

Go to the Singapore Zoo

For young children, visiting the zoo is one of the most interesting activities because they are fascinated by the variety of animals. The Singapore zoo is home to some of the most exotic animals that will surely tickle your daughter’s fancy.

Go Fishing

Make a ritual at home or in your locality to have a fishing activity with your daughters. Head to the Bedok Jetty, Changi beach, Punggol Point Jetty or any other shore to enjoy the pleasant morning freshness of the sea.

Watch fun movies

A great way to get to know about your daughter is to spend quality time with her. With modern daughters, outdoor activities might not turn out fruitful, so you can watch funny movies. Turn on Netflix and watch a film of her choice or opt for classic comedies like Father of the bride or Freaky Friday.

Go for a brunch

Whether your daughter is young in age or an adult, a brunch is always a good idea. Make reservations to a lovely restaurant and spend time discussing her likes and dislikes. This is a great way to get close to your daughter and get updated with her life.

Father-Daughter Dance

A father-daughter dance is indeed a tradition in weddings, but who said it couldn’t become a tradition for Daughter’s Day. Turn your community hall into a ballroom with elegant decorations for hosting a dance that honours daughters.

The purpose of Daughter’s Day is to celebrate them to make them feel special and loved. It is a way for parents to showcase their love and affection for their daughters. Commemorate this day by spending time with your daughter and ensuring she knows how much she means to you.