How to celebrate Teachers’ Day in Singapore?

A teacher's job is the noblest and selfless one. Teachers invest their lives in grooming and developing young minds. Teachers’ Day is celebrated as a special occasion when teachers are honoured, and their contribution towards shaping the lives of students are acknowledged. Teachers’ Day celebration in Singapore is held on the last Friday of Term 3 every year. Here is a list of ways to celebrate Teachers’ Day in schools and colleges with great fun and fervour.

Organise Events

Students can organise entertaining functions or events on Teachers’ Day. Organise a play along with singing and dancing activities. Plan poetry sessions. Sing poetry in praise of your teachers; it will surely make their day.

Decorate the classroom

It is cliché yet best. Decorate the classroom with balloons, confetti, and artworks to give a warm welcome to your teachers. Make them realise how much you like them. You can also make colourful cards for teachers as a token of appreciation.

Make a short video

Make a short video of appreciation for your teachers to show the love and respect you have for them. Once they enter the classroom, make a small speech about Teachers’ Day and play the video. It will surely make them feel special.

Hold Teachers’ Day Luncheon

Bond with your teachers over a formal lunch party. You can either plan it in school canteen or make reservations at a nearby restaurant. Good food, desserts and conversation will allow both students and teachers to have fun and create everlasting memories.

Surprise your Teachers with Gifts

On the special occasion of Teachers’ Day, all the students should come together & pick unique gifts for their teachers. Flowers, cupcakes, gift hampers, personalised pens, chocolates, stationery sets, and home décor items are popular gift ideas for teacher's day to delight and thank them for their unconditional support at every step.

Personalised Thank You Notes

Put in a little effort and write personalised thank-you notes for your teachers. Heartfelt thank you notes will make your teacher’s day special and show how much you respect and admire them. It will inspire them to work with utmost dedication towards the development of students.