How Plants can help you Relieve Stress?

Plants are the best friends of human beings. From providing housing, clothing, and food materials – there is perhaps no substitute to plants on this planet. The prime source of life – oxygen is provided by plants. Without plants, therefore, there will be no signs of life on earth. Apart from responding to all the basic needs of humans, plants also help in relieving stress.

Plants for office

The World Health Organization says that stress has become the new “worldwide epidemic” because it is a growing challenge faced by people worldwide. 89% of the Indian population is reported to be stressed and the USA is known to be the most stressed country. There is a non-medical and non-psychiatric/non-clinic resolution to this alarming rate of stress and related problems and that is plants.

Yes, surrounding oneself with stress-relieving plants work like wonders. See how:

Provides Better Sleep:

A simple resolution to stress and related problems is a night of sound sleep. A great sleep often helps with the dissolution of big ailments. When someone is stressed – likely he/she must be facing sleeping disorders too. With plants like peace lily, gardenia, lavender, snake plant, etc. in the bedroom, one can expect a stress-free life.

Improved Air Quality:

Plants can help one relax because they erase harmful toxins to improve the air quality index. The quality of the natural environment has degraded over time and NASA says that most of the negative health hazards have been the result of this heavy pollution. Stress is one of the many side-effects of this polluted environment. Plants are the easiest and one of the most sensible solutions to these problems. By curbing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen, plants help in increasing air humidity which wipes off stress and related disorders like fatigue, headache, etc. The best plants in this regard would be spider plants, Areca Palm, and Chinese Evergreen.

Blocking Noise That Induces Stress:

When a person is stressed, everything can become annoying easily. In such circumstances, noise can induce stress levels. When trees and plants are in the background, the noise actually gets blocked. The bushy green leaves soak the noise and limit the sound reaching a stressed soul. When one returns home after a long day at work, one expects a peaceful environment sans any noise and plants help with that.

Green Color is Cool & Soothing:

Green is a soothing color for the mind, body, and eyes. Due to stress when one is having a headache, or simply the mood is off, looking into the green leaves makes one feel better. There is something called “forest bathing” – spending time in nature, among trees, soaking in the sunlight, feeling the wind, etc. This therapy helps in lowering the blood pressure and ultimately removing the signs of stress. Of course, going to a forest won’t be possible every month, and therefore, it is suggested to surround oneself among green plants at home or office to see a sea-change in stress levels.

Deviates Attention from Reasons for Stress:

When one is surrounded by greenery at home, a lot of time is spent on caring for them. That activity creates a connection between people and nature which takes the mind off stress-related reasons. Having a small balcony with plants, a medium lawn with shrubs, or a large terrace with plenty of plants is again not enough. One needs to sit among them to enjoy the benefits of plants and lead a stress-free life.