Plants that Keep Insects at Bay

Because the fragrant plants are way better than stinky bug sprays!

With rains not yet completely over, there are a bunch of mosquitoes and other insects swamped up in the nook and corner of your house. Honestly, it feels like a taking over on personal space that somehow can’t be helped. Even if you use a battery-powered mosquito net, use mosquito repellents or have bug spray handy to keep them at bay, how many can you get rid of?

Plants that Keep Insects at Bay

Don’t worry! We have some natural options that will ward off the pesky bugs and free you of those painful and itchy experiences. Fight the bite this festive season with these highly effective indoor plants.


Not only is Basil a staple herb that adds delicious taste to your foods or beverages, but is also one of the few plants that offer a flowerful bug-repelling scent that is 101% effective against mosquitoes and house flies. Plant Basil in your balcony, kitchen area or any outdoor area where you like to chill or relax. Best of all, this outdoor/indoor plant is very easy to grow. Remember to place the plant in a warm, sunny area and water it at the base so it thrives properly.


Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, Marigolds are quite impressive as they keep the insects at bay. These colourful, round-shaped are not typically bedroom plants but can survive indoors when kept under the right conditions. They produce a fragrance that wards off mosquitoes, rodents, whiteflies, bad nematodes and many nasty bugs. Also, they contain pyrethrum, a common ingredient found in several insect repellents.


Rosemary is another ideal plant that will keep your home bug-proof. Like most herbs, Rosemary has a natural scent that insects really hate. According to the Old Farmer’s almanac, ‘If the bugs are really bad, like around dusk, throw a few sprigs of rosemary on the grill and the aromatic smoke will help drive the mosquitoes away.’ Rosemary can be planted both indoors or outdoors.


Given the high concentration of camphor, these purple blooms have a heavenly and strong smell that deters mosquitoes. You can place dried lavender to repel fleas, moths, flies, mosquitoes or any unwanted insects. You can also apply lavender oil to exposed skin that will not only repel insects but also will nourish your skin and send out a calming effect that brings on peaceful sleep.


Last on our list is Mint, which is a natural mosquito repellent. Mint has menthol that acts as an impressive insect repellant at keeping those bothersome bugs at bay. It is also powerful at repelling ants, spiders and mice.