About Singapore National Day

An emblem of the nation’s eternal spirit, Singapore’s National Day is an annual tradition celebrated on the 9th of August since 1966. With a glorious history of more than half a century, Singapore National Day marks the independence of the nation from Malaysia in 1965.

A holiday observed throughout Singapore; the Independence Day witnesses fervent festivities including a National Day Parade and an address by the Prime Minister of the nation. The hues of a hundred colours and bright lights of the conclusive firework celebrations embody the zeal of every Singaporean.

Singapore’s first National Day inaugurated with a parade that saw the participation of more than 23,000 men, women and children. These celebrations have only increased in passion and power over the course of the last 53 years. Each year, a new and socially relevant theme is observed during the festivities.

Since the year 2004, the celebrations also include a vibrant and extensive round of fireworks. A prominent highlight of the day, this 90-minute fireworks display at Fort Canning is characterised by a gigantic illuminated sea dragon firework that floats along the adjoining waterfront of the iconic landmark. The magnitude of these fireworks have increased many folds from the initial 4,000 in rounds in 2004 to 9,000 in 2006 and further on. The celebrations also include performances by local artists displaying the many colours of their vibrant cultures and age-old traditions.