Things To Avoid While Caring For A Cactus Plant

Cactus has become a popular houseplant since it requires minimal care and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Besides, given its impressive shape, size and flowers, it makes a great addition to the home decor and adds interest to the corner it is placed at. Though it is easy to take care of, you should not turn a blind eye to it. Keep your Cactus happy, healthy and thriving by paying attention to some details. Take notes!

Things to Avoid While Caring for a Cactus Plant


The fact that Cactus is adapted to the intense heat and environment is well-known. Therefore, it’s actually better to underwater it than to overwater it. Make sure your cactus is bone dry before you water it again. During winter, don’t water it unless it begins to shrivel. Moreover, pests like mites, mealybugs, etc. can infiltrate the cactus when you overwater them.


It is important to consider the season before you repot your Cactus. Though the plant should be repotted only when they need fresh soil, repot it during the growing season to get excellent results. Early spring and late winter are said to be the best season for repotting Cactus. Planting the Cactus during such times will stimulate the growth and lower its chance of drying out due to repotting.

Enough Sunlight

But not too much. No doubt that the cactus loves to bask in the sun and receive up to eight hours of sunlight per day. However, too much sunlight can make a cactus get sunburned. If you notice your cactus turning yellow or brown, move it to a shadier place to cool it down. Also, keep it away from AC or drafty windows.

Soil Conditions

A cactus requires well-drained soil. Plant it in a soil mix made only for cacti and not in a standard potting mix. The latter consists of too much water and can rot the cactus from its base. Make sure the container is not too small for it will provide an unsuitable environment for many cactus species.