Top 7 April Fool's Day Office Pranks

April Fool’s Day which is observed on 1st April every year is a part of the modern-day culture. It is the day to celebrate all things foolish and spread smiles. No one actually knows how this day came into existence, but everyone knows how to make the most of it. Yes, by playing pranks and jokes! And who doesn’t love a good prank?

Imagine how fun it would be to play funny tricks on your teammates and colleagues in the workplace. Hmm... Sounds like a plan! It will definitely lighten up the environment and get everyone giggling. So here are a few April fool’s day tricks that you can pull at your co-workers for much-needed witty relief.

Doughnuts Anyone? Prank

Are you the one who always get teased by your teammates for never actually treating them on birthdays or work anniversaries? Well, April fool’s day is the perfect time to treat them. But not a real one, for sure. Tell them that you have bought everyone doughnuts. Their eyes will be glued to the doughnut box. And once they open it, they’ll find the box full of fresh fruits and veggies instead of doughnuts with Happy April Fool’s Day written on it. Their reaction would be priceless!

Monster Prank

Warning, this is not for the weak-hearted people! For the monster prank, all you have to do is place a scary poster inside the office room ceiling right above where your colleague sits. Do not ask them to look over or give any sort of hint. Just wait for them to realize. You’ll get to know they have seen it when you’ll hear them screaming. Trust us, it will scare the hell out of them! They may get a bit angry, but then its April fool’s day and they cannot be mad at you for so long.

Soy Sauce Prank

Well, this one is a little harsh. But what can one do? You gotta play when you gotta play. You have to make a drink that looks like cola, but it’s actually soy sauce. For this, you need an empty coke bottle, sprite, and soy sauce. Pour sprite into the empty coke bottle and then add soy sauce to it until its color turns the same as coke drink. Offer it to your colleague during lunch. It would be quite fun to watch them spitting it out of disgust. You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing hard!

Pants in the Stall Prank

An extremely funny but harmless prank. Unless someone decides to escalate the issue to the HR department in the office and they start enquiring employees. All you need is a pair of pants and socks, 2 toilet paper rolls, and a pair of shoes. Put the toilet paper roll inside the sock just till the heel part. Place it into the shoe and tie up the laces. Now, place the pants over the shoe assembly and then put them under the toilet seat, so that they don’t fall. It will look like a man is sitting in the washroom attending his natural call. Lock the bathroom door from the inside. So, people just have to wait for their turn. And in this case, they might be waiting forever!

Chair Scare Prank

Want to scare your teammate with air horn’s sound? Well, attach an air horn to their office chair on April fool’s day and just wait for them to sit on it. You just need some zip ties, plumbing plug, and a whole lot of motivation to carry out this prank. Attach the air horn to the base of the chair with the help of zip ties. Once it’s done, cut off the excess tie and lower the seat to the lowest setting. When your teammate will sit on his chair, it will trigger the air horn and loud noise will shock him along with the whole office.

Ruined Laptop Prank

Give a monetary shock to your co-worker will this fake spilled milk prank. You just need to squeeze some glue onto wax paper to make it look like spilled milk. Once it dries, peel it off and lay it on top of your colleagues’ laptop’s keyboard. Their heart will sink when they’ll see their expensive laptop covered in milk. And they’ll go crazy afterward realizing what a huge loss it is.

Spider under Cup Prank

They say scary is the new funny! Put an inverted cup on your coworker’s desk with a funny yet suspicious message like “Do not move” or “Do not move unless you plan on killing it.” On being asked, tell your co-worker that you found a spider on their desk and therefore, you have captured it under the cup. You don’t even need an actual spider for it. Trust us, your co-worker will be way too scared to even move the cup a bit. And the mystery will continue till the very end. In the end, you can disclose the prank by showing that there isn’t actually anything under the cup. Everyone around will end up giggling. We are sure your co-worker would hate you for this prank. But there isn’t much that they can do as it’s just an April fool’s day prank.

Do try these pranks on your colleagues in the office. And if you have got some more fun ideas, then do share with us.