What are the Best Plants for Hanging Planters?

Who says you need a luxurious large garden or backyard to welcome beautiful blooms and brighten your space? Hanging basket with plants and flowers has become an innovative way to add greenery, vibrant hues and charm to the balcony, a terrace as well as any indoor location. Besides, hanging planters are easy to take care of and take up zero extra space. Looking for a stylish and handsome plant for your hanging basket? Discover the best plants for hanging planters below and bring a dose of hearty cheer.

Best Plants for Hanging Planters


Begonias are pretty plants that come in the vibrant shade of pink, white, red and many more wide varieties of colours. They look very attractive in hanging baskets and blossom all season long. Besides, the plant is easy to grow and gives a complete, drooping effect to your hanging planters.


Pothos is among the most common houseplants for hanging planters. They work well in hanging baskets and amp up the space nicely given its hanging trails. The plant is effortless, works well indoors, forgiving of neglect and can survive low-light conditions too.

Spider Plant

This yellow and green-hued houseplant is perfect to hang indoors as well as outdoors. It makes just the right hanging plant for those looking to fill empty spots in their home. Though it prefers direct sunlight, it can survive partial sunshine too. Best of all, they are non-fussy and thus, easy to care for.

Air Plant (Tillandsia)

Since these plants do not need any soil to survive, they are the cream of the crop when it comes to the best plants for hanging planters. You can hang your air plants in glass terrariums (in a bright spot) and watch them brighten your dreary and dull border.


These cheerful and amazing trumpet-shaped blooms are eye-catching and hanging basket’s favourite. Though they require a little attention and care, they are extremely rewarding and reliable. You can also go for a wave petunia if you prefer trailing plants in hanging planters.