Why to surround yourself with Plants @ Work?

Everyone keeps saying that "Office is your second home", but one may beg to differ. Home is home, and there is no place like home. But one can’t deny the fact that we spend more waking hours in the office than at our homes. There are many who spend more than 8 hours at work and that is a lot. And, since people spend so much time at work, it is very important to keep the office surroundings clean and positive. One of the best ways of doing so is by keeping plants at your work place.

Plants for office

Plants not only add a zest of liveliness to the place, but they also add to human comfort and contentedness. Plants help improve one’s blood pressure, productivity, and stress levels. Since plants help one stay healthy, and breathe cleaner air, having indoor plants for office is a great idea.

Some of the benefits of having office plants are:

Plants Help Reduce Stress & Blood Pressure

Stress can be induced due to pressure at work or even due to the usage of mobile phones & computers. While one is at the office, usage of computers may also cause a significant increase in their blood pressure leading to stress.

Many studies show that indoor plants help reduce stress levels in the workplace and help keep blood pressure under control.

Improvement In Air Quality

There has been a tremendous increase in pollution levels. Many types of research suggest that indoor air can be ten times more polluted than outdoors. In an office, one is surrounded by man-made toxins like plastics, paint, furniture, carpets, and certain cleaning products that can be reduced significantly by plants. It is believed that keeping 1 plant per 3 employees can reduce CO2 levels by 50% along with the reduction of bacteria and dust.

Noise Absorption Qualities

According to a research paper by Researchers in London South Bank University in 1995, placing large pots of plants in every corner of the office absorbs sound. Plants are known to reduce noise levels by 5 decibels. This helps employees to concentrate better.

Reduction in Absence Rate

Absenteeism rate can be reduced by 50% with the introduction of plants in office space. Since plants release keep our surroundings fresh & natural, introducing them can decrease symptoms of ill health, including fatigue, concentration problems, dry skin and irritation of the nose and eyes.

Increased Creativity & Productivity

As per Rachel & Stephen Kaplan's Attention Restoration Theory, people can concentrate better after spending time in nature. Based on this theory, researches show that having plants in the workplace make employees feel more relaxed and happy, in turn increasing their creativity. With an increase in the concentration level of an employee, cognition & thinking ability is enhanced, which helps increase productivity in the workplace.

Mental Health Benefits

Plants have therapeutic qualities. They are known to have psychological effects on workplace such as the reduction in anxiety, depression, anger & fatigue. Colour therapists have suggested that shades of green lead to the feeling of relaxation, which is why indoor plants for desks would be an amazing addition for one’s improved mental health.

Aesthetic Appeal

Plants not only help with improvement in our physical and mental health but it also beautifies the workplace. Plants make space look more attractive & soothes one's eyes. So, if a client or job applicant comes in, it gives the office an aesthetic appeal.

Changing the tedious office space to a more decorative and healthy environment can be a challenge. The simplest & healthiest solution to this would be indoor plants for the office. Other than having scientific benefits, plants have effects on one’s moods and help them feel connected to the environment.