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    Gifts for Parents

    The unconditional love and endless support of parents makes your life better and happier. They leave no stone unturned to bring a smile on your face in sad times. Thank your parents for blessing you with a wonderful life and bring joy to their day with our meaningful gifts for parents such as cakes, personalised photo frames, plants, and home décor items.

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      Order Exclusive Gifts for Parents Online From Ferns N Petals

      The relationship between kids and parents is sacred and full of love that grows organically over time. Be it your first job, life problems or relationship issues, your parents have always been there to offer the much-needed love, support and inspiration. They make several sacrifices to keep you smiling and leave no stone unturned to make your life better. It is important to thank your parents for loving you endlessly and staying by your side through thick and thin. Ferns N Petals offers a wide range of unique gift ideas for parents that will let you express your love and care and affection for you mom and dad in the most thoughtful way.

      Explore Stunning Gifts for Parents on Ferns N Petals

      Parents are the soul of any house. Our day becomes lively with the chirpiness of a mother and smiles of a concerned father while we're home. As the fondness between relationships grows with the number of years, it becomes even more exciting to celebrate occasions with our family. Whether it's any festival or event, make sure that you surprise your parents with heartiest gifts and make them feel pampered. We have listed down types of gift items for you to choose the best gift for your parents.

      • Gift Hampers
      • Gift hampers are one of the most exciting gift ideas that can be given to anyone based on the occasion and preferences of the receiver. There are various types of gift hampers consisting of a bundle of gifts wrapped in beautiful sheets, boxes and baskets. From food hampers to grooming hampers, gift hampers are great package gifts for parents with a variety of everything.

      • Flower Arrangements
      • Flowers can grace any occasion with aromatic beauty and freshness. Gifting lovely flowers is one of the sweetest gestures. You can choose from a wide variety of flowers bunched into unique flower arrangements. Pick out a colourful bunch in a vase or gorgeous flowers wrapped in shiny sheets and cute ribbons for a floral surprise.

      • Cakes
      • Sumptuous cakes are the best answers to all types of celebrations. Cakes can make anything special, and when it's about gifting your parents, these sweet treats will light up the day with its delicious flavours and beautiful designs. You can choose from a variety of cakes in different flavours including coffee, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry, mango, blueberry, orange, chocolate and much more. This is one of the easiest gifts for parents on any occasion.

      • Personalised Gifts
      • Personalised gifts bring out the beauty of the relationship in the best manner possible. These gifts are truly the best gift ideas for couples. You can put a trail of memories on items like mugs, cushions, photo frames etc., and gift them as a token of celebration and love to your parents on occasions like birthday, anniversary, festivals, parents day, and more.

      • Chocolates
      • Who doesn't love chocolates? We're sure that sweet treats like chocolates do not fail to make any occasion special. Choose from a wide variety of yummy chocolates from various renowned brands like Ferrero Rocher, Patchi, Godiva and more to send a gift of sweets to your beloved parents.

      • Home Decor Items
      • While your parents love to decorate the house, give them elegant home decor items on their birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. Home decor items range from lamps, buddha idols, Ganesha idols, flower pots, clocks, wall hanging, antiques, showpieces and much more.

      • Potted Plants
      • Plants are like children. If taken care of with love and nourishment, they bloom beautifully into a wonderful being. Green plants are a healthy gifting option, especially for parents. You can give a potted plant to your parents on absolutely any occasion without any worries. A gift of green is one of the finest gift ideas for couples as it helps in releasing stress and purifies the air.

      • Perfumes
      • Perfumes are one of the most sought-after gifting items when it comes to gifting parents. Your parents love to pamper themselves once in a while and dress up for the occasion. A perfume will help them relish their grooming part with aroma, and this gift will remind them of you every time they use it.

      Send Your Parents Gifts in Singapore via Our Hassle-Free Delivery Service

      Ferns N Petals is a famous online gift portal that offers a wide range of unique gifts for every occasion and relationship and delivers them to several domestic destinations. Our exclusive collection of gifts for parents includes ravishing flower arrangements, creative personalised gifts, exotic gifts hampers and tempting chocolates. So be it the Parent’s Day, your parent’s birthday, anniversary or any other important occasion, you can order gifts for mother and father from our website and send via our same day, next day and midnight delivery service right to their doorstep along with a lovely note. We also have separate sections of Mother’s Day & Father’s Day gifts online that allows you to send love and wishes for your parents through unique gifts and brighten up their special days. With our hassle-free delivery service, we promise to deliver your order on time and give your parents memories galore to cherish forever.

      Send Mother’s Day Gifts in Singapore through Ferns N Petals

      Mothers are the special creations of God. This Mother’s Day, honour the love, care, and dedication of your mom with our heart-warming gifts. Ferns N Petals presents online a wide array of creative and affordable Mother’s Day presents, such as magnificent flower arrangements, personalised mugs, personalised photo frames, a bouquet of chocolates, tempting cakes, gourmet gift hampers, flowers and chocolate combo, etc. Based on your mom’s preference, you can pick a suitable gift for her that puts a big smile on her face. If she is a fan of classic gifts, you can delight her with a splendid flower bouquet. Similarly, if she has a sweet tooth, then you can surprise her with a cake or chocolates on Mother’s Day. You can avail our same-day, midnight, and next-day delivery services to send Mother’s Day presents in Singapore in a hassle-free manner.

      Order Gifts for your Parents For Selamat Hari Raya Through Ferns N Petals

      In Singapore, Eid ul-Fitr is known as Hari Raya. It marks the end of Ramadan. After a month of ritual fasting and self-reflection, it brings friends and family together for a celebratory show of gratitude to Allah for the strength and love provided to them during this time. Families exchange gifts during this time as a show of affection for each other. If you’re looking for something to gift to your parents on this occasion, head on over to our exclusive Hari Raya gift collection. It includes gifting ideas like dry fruits combos, flower bouquets, marshmallow and flower combos, chocolate and flower combos, Ferrero Rocher bouquets and many more options. Cakes have become a much-needed confection in all kinds of celebrations. You can also celebrate Hari Raya with one of our premium cakes. They’re available in these variants: chocolate fudge, chocolate truffle, mango, red velvet, peanut butter, strawberry, oreo, vanilla and coffee among many others. It doesn’t matter where in Singapore, you’d like your order to be delivered, trust us to get it delivered on time, every time. We offer same day, one hour and midnight delivery services in the country with select products. Please go through the product detail page thoroughly before placing your order.