Which Flowers are perfect to Say Sorry?

All of us, at some point in our lives, end up making mistakes, which can be trivial yet massive. These mistakes might end up hurting someone close to us unintentionally. Just feeling sorry is not enough as it needs to be conveyed to the person you have hurt. Instead of mere words, a better way to say sorry is always with a bunch of flowers. You can consider a sorry note tucked into your flower bunch, making for a suitable apology.

The lists of flowers that convey your sorry message are:

Blue Hyacinths:

It is said that Blue hyacinths are the representative of peace. Its vivid blue shade represents the truth. These lovely and very beautiful flowers make a mesmerizing bouquet which is very unique. So take some wise decision while apologizing and give your mate something unexpected and unique.


Rose is a flower whose many colours signify many abstract ideas. It is adored very affectionately, by the people all over the world. It is said that yellow roses signify friendship, and very apt for expressing your sincere apology. Arranged carefully in a bouquet, roses induce the person on the opposite side to forgive you. The more the roses, the chance of your getting forgiven increases. Do not forget to include a note with the bouquet.

White orchids:

Orchids are very rare and at the same time very beautiful flowers. It represents sincerity with its various colours. Getting the right place to be planted, the flowers can be long-lasting. The long-lasting trait makes your mate comprehend that you are sincerely being sorry.

White tulips:

Tulips actually signify the new start and the season of spring also. Though having many varieties in colour people often choose white tulip when it is time to say sorry. White tulips are considered to be happy flowers and the colour white is the symbol of peace. Apart from the symbols and definitions white tulips are, therefore, universally adored, very elegant and highly stylish flowers. A bouquet of white tulips with a note can increase the chance of your being forgiven.


Very delicate and fragile plant and should be handled with responsibility, like the relationship that has been built between you and your recipient. Having a quarrel between yourselves can be harmful to your relationship. So do not think otherwise and choose Lily-of-the-valley as one of the ideal flowers to apologize and rejuvenate your relationship.

Star of Bethlehem:

Being pure white, the flower is the representative of reconciliation, an appropriate choice at the time of apologizing. This uncommon flower can carry your desire of reconciliation to your mate, and its pure white colour signifies the innocence, induces you to be sorry for what wrong you have done to your recipient.

Ivy Flowers

Though you have done something wrong, still your mate should be acquainted of your loyalty. For doing so, Ivy would be perfect for you. Give her/him a bouquet of Ivy, well arranged with a note sticking to it, can melt the heart of your loved one whom you have hurt.

To conclude, flowers are very effective and powerful tool for making a person understand you're being sorry for your deeds. Whatsoever, the selection of the flowers is very important for convincing the person that you are truly sorry from inside.